Kai Fan Leung

Mark Dean

KAI FAN LEUNG nicknamed the Fat Beauty won a two-year PDC Tour Card January 2020, beating Lisa Ashton 5–4 in the play-off match at UK Q-School. Asia’s number one has the honour of representing his home country of Hong Kong in the World Cup of Darts. Kai also played in PDC World Darts Championships at the famous Alexandra Palace having won the North & East Asia Qualifier in Taiwan. Kai is also an active player on the soft tip circuit.

绰号“胖子美人”的KAI FAN LEUNG在2020年1月赢得了为期两年的PDC巡回赛冠军,在英国Q-School的附加赛中以5–4击败Lisa Ashton。亚洲排名第一的选手有幸代表自己的祖国香港参加了世界杯飞镖比赛。 Kai还曾在台湾著名的亚历山德拉宫(Alexandra Palace)参加了PDC世界飞镖锦标赛,并赢得了台湾的北亚和东亚预选赛。 Kai还是软技巧赛道上的活跃参与者。


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Walk-on Music:

Hong Kong Phooey

Date of Birth:

11th September 1983

Home Town:

Hong Kong